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Welcome to SeniorSurvey.com!

A Place To Be Heard
More and more seniors are online, which makes the Web a perfect place for them to share their opinions with each other, and with the world. Seniorsurvey.com provides a forum where seniors can easily speak their mind, as well as a place where their voice can easily be heard. As a result, seniors can see how they compare with their peers, both in the US and abroad. And providers of senior services and products can better understand their customers.

A Powerful Voice
Today, nearly half the US population is aged 50 or older. Worldwide, more than 578 million people are over the age of 60. And these numbers are going up fast. All across the globe, the senior population is growing at an unprecedented rate, far faster than any other age group. In another 25 years, more than 20% of the total population in most of Europe, Asia, North America and Australia will be at least 60.

Long-Term Listening
Ideas about aging are rapidly changing, especially here in the US, where baby boomers are now reaching their senior years. At Seniorsurvey.com, we intend to track these changes with an ongoing series of timely, easy-to-take surveys. We will regularly post results from past and current surveys, provide updates on upcoming surveys, and request opinions on a wide variety of senior-related issues. So please check back often. And give us your opinion.

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